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Organic Clean
Multi-Purpose Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner

It is a new generation cleaner that blends acid alternatives with biodegradable surfactants to produce a superior safer cleaner.

Part No: 10444-DN05
Volume: 5 GAL
Unit: PAIL

  • Provides safety and performance while accomplishing the toughest cleaning tasks.

  • No harsh fumes
  • cleans the toughest build up
  • its clinging action allows for a longer dwell time and the odor neutralizers help destroy odors at the source.

  • Can be used full strength or diluted
  • apply to the surface and allow sufficient time to penetrate, loosen and break down soils
  • heavy deposits may require light scrubbing with a brush, hand pad, sponge or rag
  • rinse thoroughly with clean water or wipe with a damp cloth or damp sponge.

  • 1:40 with water depending on the application