Formula 10468
Acid Blend Cleaner

Part No: 10468-DN55
Volume: 55gal
Unit: DRUM

Formula 10468 is a new blend of inorganic and organic acids with a non-foaming detergent designed to rapidly attack scale and stone and leave metal surfaces sparkling;it is ideally suited to perform a variety of tough cleaning jobs in the brewing Industry;this special acid blend removes stubborn protein stains and its non-foaming characteristics enhance cleaning;ideal for circulation, spray or soak cleaning;it is especially formulated to passivate and re-passivate stainless steel.

  • Sanitizes and neutralizes
  • removes residue from brewery kettles

  • Please read the entire label and SDS sheet before using this product
  • clean equipment with 21907 Brew Clean to produce acceptable soil removal
  • drain the alkali wash and rinse with warm water
  • sanitize according to local health standards.