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Film Remover Plus
Concentrated Biodegradable and High-Foaming Acid Cleaner

Film Remover Plus is a concentrated acid built degreaser formulated to break down calcified deposits and metallic residues;the high foaming surfactant package allows this industrial formula to cut through heavy oils and grease and to evenly wet out on almost any surface;it will get into dead end or hard to reach areas even in hard water conditions;it is recommended for use as a salt, scale, and metal remover on various surfaces, even aluminum substrates;it has been used to clean and brighten ferrous and non ferrous metal parts which have discolored or rusted;this formula can be used at temperatures up to 200OF in dip tank and steam pressure spray applications.

Part No: 10915-DN55
Volume: 55 GAL
Unit: DRUM

  • Powerfully formulated for fast penetration
  • safe, does not contain hydrofluoric acid
  • versatile

  • Works on many calcified and metallic deposits surfaces
  • economical,use less with higher dilution ratios
  • cleans quickly to save labor, dollars and time

  • Heavy 2:1
  • medium 24:1
  • light 64:1