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No Foam
Liquid Defoamer Concentrate

Floor Care  >>  Cleaners  >>  Carpet

A unique formulation designed to control foam wherever it’s a problem, especially in carpet cleaner applicators;eliminates or reduces foaming of spent detergent solutions in the pick-up process and no need for excess emptying and rinsing of pick-up tanks;reduces risk of vacuum motor damage due to foam overflow in extraction carpet cleaning equipment;also excellent for use in the recovery tanks of automatic scrubbers.

Part No: 13731-GHN1-A4
Volume: 4 GAL
Unit: CS

  • No foam

  • Spray directly into pick-up tanks of extraction equipment or mop bucket used in the pick-up process
  • if extraction equipment contains detergent residue from previous use, add 1-1/2 ounces defoamer per 5 gallons detergent solution before cleaning to protect the motor.