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Formula 21919
Heavy Duty Low Foaming Detergent

Food Service  >>  CIP  >>  Caustic  >>  Non-Caustic

Formula 21919 is a low-foaming caustic detergent for use in circulation (cip), bail-out,soak-out and other heavy-duty applications;it removes heavy duty soils such as proteins, oils, fats,greases and other deposits in processing lines and tanks;excellent for removing carbon build-up;do not use on aluminum and other soft metals.

Part No: 21919-DN55
Volume: 55 GAL
Unit: DRUM

  • Low foaming,caustic,removes heavy duty soils,removes carbon build up

  • 1% solution is recommended for finished tanks in breweries
  • 1-3% solution is recommended for brewing tanks and CIP operations
  • soil coniditions and water variables will dictate optimal dilution ratios.

  • Light,1:200
  • heavy,1:16