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Pink Pride
Glass & All Surface Cleaner

Part No: 27033-QN01-A12
Volume: 12 qt
Unit: CS

Vehicle Care  >>  Degreasers  >>  Interior  >>  Glass
This powerful institutional product contains no abrasives and will not scratch; it is the perfect product for modern hard surfaces that require specialized instant cleaning and degreasing without smearing or streaking. This excellent penetrating formulation is the most unique product out today with its ability to instantly remove grease, grime, dust, fingermarks, and smoke film from virtually any surface.
  • Cleans,brightens and polishes
  • adds luster, glisten and shine without having to rub out.
  • 100% biodegradable
  • has a neutral pH, and does not contain ammonia
  • Spray on and wipe clean
  • Medium,4:1
  • light, 2 :1