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Metal Plus
Soap and Salt Residue Removal and Cleaner

It is a film fighting solution specifically formulated to remove salt films and soap scum;it is a concentrated blend of chelating ingredients, sequestering additives, highly active surfactants, leading edge wetting agents in an environmentally safe powerhouse product;it is chemically balanced so no rinse is required;this product is a valuable maintenance tool for floors and walls that must be cleaned frequently.

Part No: 28200-DN05
Volume: 5 GAL
Unit: PAIL

  • Four phase system of chelating,wetting,deodorizing and cleaning agents.

  • Shower walls & floors,use straight or diluted for the removal of soap deposits, stubborn hard water stains and incrustations
  • dilute less to clean porcelain,toilets and urinals
  • automatic floor scrubbing,mop & bucket,stripper rinse, ice melter residue and marble floors, see dilution instructions and label

  • Shower Walls & Floors,1:4,1:10 and 1:32
  • automatic floor scrubbing,1:20,1:64
  • mop & bucket,1:10,1:32,1:64
  • stripper rinse,1:64,ice melter,1:64
  • marble,1:8,1:32
  • read the label for more details.