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Crystal Blue
Premium Powdered Laundry Detergent

Contains ultra anti-redeposition agents to prevent soil from redepositing on clothes;use in hard or soft, hot or cold water;power boosted with a concentrated blend of softeners;elminates suds over flow

Part No: 30046-DN05
Volume: 45 LBS
Unit: PAIL

  • color guard
  • whiteners

  • For all types of machines
  • contains color guard to protect colors from fading
  • blueing for extra whiteness
  • premium blend of brighteners and whitening agents to make whites whiter and colors brighter
  • leaves fabric soft with a clean fresh scent.

  • Add detergent as washer fills
  • allow to dissolve before loading clothes
  • top & front loading machines,use approximately 1/2 c for top loading and 1/4 c for front loading machines per load
  • commercial & institutional,use 1/2 to 1-1/2 lbs for each 100 lbs of clothes
  • other washers,use 1/4 c per load of 8 lbs
  • for heavily soiled clothes or hard water, use sufficient product to produce and maintain light suds.