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Atomic Fury
100% Active Oxidative Cleaning Additive

Part No: 30075B-DF1C
Volume: 100lb
Unit: DRUM


Atomic Fury uses the power of nature to clean stubborn residues through the oxidative cleaning process;it is a high energy stain remover that uses the power of oxygen to clean and deodorize.

  • Removes organic stains and is effective in liquid solutions from ambient temperatures up to 180'F(80'C)

  • 100% active and comes in a concentrated crystal form and mixes with water to release its cleaning strength
  • can be used in a neutral ph solutions as well as high ph,caustic, production mixtures

  • Always add this product to water or diluted solutions and not directly concentrated caustics
  • Atomic Fury will break down after one wash cycle
  • recharge used solutions of Atomic Fury since the oxidation effect will be greatly diminished after each cleaning cycle.