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Stampede 140
Heavy Duty Water Soluble Lubricant

This product is formulated with leading edge chemical engineering;stampede 140 is a chlorinated heavy duty water soluble oil, it has been formulated with superior lubricity additives, emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors.

Part No: 34140-DN55
Volume: 55 GAL
Unit: DRUM

  • Stampede 140 contains no SARA Title III Section 313 chemicals
  • forms stable emulsions
  • non-gumming
  • stampede 140 is operator friendly.

  • Stampede 140 is recommended for use on steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • it is compatible with carbide tooling
  • it may be applied via airless spray, roller coat, flood, drip methods or manually by brush.

  • It is designed to be used undiluted to dilution of 9:1.