Synform Deep Draw
Heavy Duty, Water Soluble, and Non-Chlorinated Drawing and Stamping Fluid

Part No: 34301-DN55
Volume: 55gal
Unit: DRUM

Synform Deep Draw is formulated with extreme pressure additives, superior wetting agents, emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors;it's engineered to execute the most difficult metal forming operations in the industry.

  • Excellent wetting properties assure complete work piece and die coverage, necessary for progressive draw die lubrication
  • carbide die compatibility
  • can be used on carbide dies without attacking the cobalt binder.Superior corrosion protection. Protects equipment and finished work pieces. [ASTMD-1748 Humidity Cabinet
  • Test @ 10% dilution,14 days to failure on low carbon steel 'Q'-panels.] Heavy duty lubrication. Effective extreme pressure additives assure minimal "pick up"and galling problems on the most heavy duty drawing and stamping operations.

  • Does not contain any SARA Title III Section 313 chemicals
  • forms stable emulsions
  • non-gumming
  • operator and environmentally friendly