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Rapid Roll Lube
Water-Based Synthetic Drawing & Stamping Fluid

Rapid Roll Lube is not only an exceptional drawing/roll forming product for metal forming operations, but also adds extreme rust preventative qualities into one innovative formula. It is one of the first dual function, 100% synthetic, metalworking formulas specifically engineered to form industrial parts while preventing rust on a myriad of metal substrates in both interior and exterior storage environments. It is non-chlorinated, but has the extreme pressure properties needed for many heavy duty applications.

Part No: 34420-DN55
Volume: 55 GAL
Unit: DRUM

  • It is recommended for use on steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass and various grades of stainless steel
  • it is compatible with carbide tooling
  • it may be applied via airless spray, roller coat, flood or drip methods, or manually by brush.