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Blocker II
Water Soluble Oil-Based Rust Inhibitor.

Blocker II is a water soluble oil based rust inhibitor;this formula is designed to protect steel and iron against flash rusting between operations and for long term indoor rust prevention;Blocker II leaves a formulated polar oil film which prevents oxidation of the protected parts;this protective layer can be easily removed with specific Chemsafe cleaners.

Part No: 36130-DN55
Volume: 55 GAL
Unit: DRUM

  • Excellent wetting properties at recommended dilution ranges assures for the complete work piece coverage necessary for quality rust inhibition
  • superior corrosion protection
  • protects equipment and finished work pieces
  • ASTMD-1748 Humidity Cabinet
  • Test @ 10% dilution, 14 days to failure on low carbon steel 'Q'-panels.

  • Blocker II contains no SARA Title III Section 313 chemicals, barium,heavy metals or sodium nitrite
  • forms stable emulsions
  • non-gumming
  • Blocker II is operator friendly.

  • 10 parts water to part Blocker II (add product 1st)
  • See your sales representative for specific product usage and application.