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Water Based Cleaner Protector

R.P.M. is a new generation, water based, biodegradable rust inhibitor;this formula is designed to protect steel and iron from flash rust between operations and in short term 30 day indoor rust prevention applications;the R.P.M. rust inhibiting film which prevents oxidation is minimal and does not require cleaning prior to painting or plating of protected work pieces;R.P.M. leaves a microscopic film which prevents oxidation,soil redeposition and does not require an additional rinse before use.

Part No: 36450-DN55
Volume: 55 GAL
Unit: DRUM

  • Color-water clear
  • odor-slight ammonia

  • R.P.M. does not contain solvents, heavy metals, sodium nitrite, barium or any other hazardous or carcinogenic chemicals
  • chemsafe offers technical service and custom formulations manufactured for your needs.

  • Parts may be dipped, sprayed or brushed whenever a protective shield is needed to guard against rust. R.P.M. quickly mixes with hard and soft water to create an industrial level rust preventative
  • for best performance, deionized water is required
  • see your sales representative for specific product usage.

  • A standard starting mixture is 10 parts water to 1 part R.P.M.