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Formula 36800
Water Displacing, Solvent-Based Rust Preventative and Coating

This formula displaces water from the metal surface and deposits a highly protective film on metal. This film will give 30 days humidity cabinet protection on steel R-36 Q panels, utilizing the rigorous (ASTM 2247) test and over 100 hours of corrosion free surface on R-36 Q panels in the ASTM B117 salt spray test. When properly applied it provides a 24 months of interior rust and corrosion protection.

Part No: 36800-DM55
Volume: 55 GAL
Unit: DRUM

  • Good to use on ferrous metal alloys and aluminum

  • Formula 36800 will rapidly separate out any water that may be introduced into the system
  • we recommed a dip tank application after a machining or cleaning operation
  • the water may be easily removed from the bottom of the tank
  • this product may also be roller coated, brushed or sprayed
  • if possible the product should be forced air dried at ambient temperature (under safe conditions) to insure maximum protection capacity.