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Established in 1978, George Kneier Sr., along with his son, George Kneier Jr., embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. Operating out of a small, ten feet by fourteen feet office space in Mayfield Village Ohio, the father and son tandem started out as a local distribution supply house for the janitorial and sanitation cleaning industry. 

As a start-up business with no staff, all functions of the company fell directly on their shoulders – selling material and running operations Monday through Thursday, delivering products around the greater Cleveland area on Friday and Saturday. This distribution model continued for close to a decade, when in 1986, the family decided to invest in the future growth of the business by procuring manufacturing and laboratory space and hiring an experienced formulation chemist. 


In 1987, GM Industrial acquired a franchise business from ChemStation International, based out of Dayton, Ohio. Through this relationship and careful planning, North Coast ChemStation (NCC) propelled company growth with a wider breadth of liquid cleaning products and a bulk chemical program to industrial companies in the region. The introduction of the bulk program provided customers a more environmentally friendly option versus traditional packaged materials. To learn more about the benefits of bulk chemical delivery program for your business, click HERE

To meet increasing demand and growth of the ChemStation franchise subsidiary, operations and manufacturing relocated to Oakwood Village in 1990. Subsequent investment in equipment, facilities, and additional formulation scientists in the mid-1990’s resulted in further product development of industrial cleaning and lubricant solutions.


In 1996, following robust market research and development efforts, MAGIC brand heavy duty hand cleaner was commercialized and introduced to industrial customers. Utilizing unique proprietary ingredients such as natural exfoliants, moisturizers, and surfactants, this breakthrough technology quickly gained popularity with industry professionals. Coupled with distinct dispensing systems, the MAGIC brand has become the industry leader for removing tenacious grease, oils and dirt from human hands and minimizing dry skin conditions from over-washing. To learn more about these environmentally friendly, non-solvent, and USDA certified biobased products, click HERE


In 2001, Zenex International was incorporated as a subsidiary of GM Industrial. The four-person Aerosol Division quickly built a nationwide network of professional distributors, offering a branded private label option for distributor partners to expand their business. Over the course of last two decades, the company has successfully expanded the product portfolio to over 100+ proprietary formulations for industrial, automotive, janitorial cleaning applications and more. To learn more about the aerosol product line and private label program, click HERE


GM Industrial, operating out of company headquarters in Bedford, Ohio, is a full-service manufacturer of high-quality finished goods for industrial and institutional customers throughout North America and Europe. After 40 years in business and multiple plant expansions, the company now boasts over 100,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, 1000's of commercially available product solutions, and employs over 100 people in operations and sales. Many employees have been with the organization since the early days of the company, bringing with them the legacy of the Kneier family and the simple mission to deliver a world-class experience for all customers - big or small. 


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