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Economical Industrial Metal Cleaner & Brightener

Aluminate is an advanced acid formula designed to clean and brighten oxidized metal surfaces

this product is a blend of agents formulated with leading edge chemical engineering

itcontains wetting agents and emulsifiers to aid in the removal of road and atmospheric films on various metal surfaces.

Part No: 10550-DN05
Volume: 5 PAIL
Unit: PAIL

  • May be used in pressure washers, steam cleaners, foam guns, and other various mechanical and manual applications.

  • Should product accidentally contact any of the wrong surfaces, flush immediately with water
  • repeated use can cause degradation of metal equipment and concrete surfaces
  • tt is important to apply Aluminate solution from the bottom upwards to avoid streaking
  • always test in inconspicuous area first.

File: SDS (Safety Data Sheets)
    OSHA and GHS compliant. Formerly 'MSDS'