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Winter Mint
One-Step Disinfectant, Cleaner, Deodorizer, Sanitizer

This one step product saves time, money and labor. It cleans yet contains no soap so it cannot leave a film. This phosphate free, quaternary type disinfectant is effective in the presence of 5% organic serum. A concentrated product effective against the following pathogenic organisms: Pseudomonas serugionosa, Staphyloccusaureus and Salmonella choleraesuis. Contains a unique combination of wintergreen and mint scents that leave a clean, fresh fragrance after scrubbing, mopping, spraying or wiping

approval for the Cornavirus Disinfection Claim

Part No: 17750-GHN1

  • Wintermint's concentrated formula makes it cost-effective. Broad spectrum disinfection controls and kills bacterial growth
  • and has residual bacteriostatic activity. Wintermint contains no harmful alkali to irritate skin or dull floor finish. Environmen

  • Remove heavy soil deposits from surface, then thoroughly wet surface with a use-solution of 2 ounces of the concentrate per gallon of water. (Use 8 oz per gallon of water to kill Adenovirus Type 7). The use-solution can be applied with a cloth, mop, sponge, or coarse spray or by soaking. For sprayer applications, use a coarse spray device. Spray 6-8 inches from the surface, rub with a brush, cloth or sponge. Do not breathe spray. Let solution remain on surface for a minimum of 10 minutes. Rinse or allow to air dry. Rinsing of floors is not necessary unless they are to be waxed or polished. This product is not for use on food contact surfaces.

  • 2 ounces per gallon of water, 4 ounces per 2 gallons of water, 8 ounces per 4 gallons of water, 10 ounces per 5 gallons of water, 12 ounces per 6 gallons of water

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