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Bold Gold
Concentrated, Biodegradable Cleaner/Degreaser

A highly concentrated liquid, 100% biodegradable formula which quickly emulsifies heavily-soiled caked on greases and oils. A non-flammable, free-flowing liquid developed for difficult jobs beyond the capacity of ordinary petroleum replacement products. Scientifically designed to remove oil, tar, glue, tire marks, carbon, hydro-treated grease, metalworking residues, rust preventatives (interior and exterior) from parts, equipment, sealed floors and many other materials. Unique stability and sustained cleaning power affords use as an economical cleaner for unlimited applications. This product contains a new generation surfactant system which reduces foaming.

Part No: 21585-DN55

  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-combustible, biodegradable and contains no dangerous chlorinated or petroleum solvent. Great soil penetration and contaminate removal. In water, excellent stability with minimum foam. Economical and effective.

  • Recommended for cleaning medium to heavy duty residues. An excellent product for effectively cleaning surface soil from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. BOLD GOLD is 100% soluble in water. Extremely quick emulsifying capabilities as well as highly dynamic boosting agents for continued strength at lifting greasy soils. Always test in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Contact your Chemsafe representative for proper product usage and specific dilution ratios.

  • Light, 128:1. Medium, 64:1. Heavy, 20:1.

File: SDS (Safety Data Sheets)
    OSHA and GHS compliant. Formerly 'MSDS'